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About us

Our Mission is to become a global beauty destination for the daring & fearless of today's generations.
TeeWee Beauty Shop was started by 2 retail workers  &  2 cosmetologists in 2017. By using the experience and knowledge of ourselves,after 15+ years combined in the industry we decided to make a name for ourselves and provide the best products around that have been tried and proven to work. The products we have in our store are certainly one of a kind and are used by many industry professionals. We wanted to make it our mission to set ourselves apart and give everyday women the power to look and feel amazing.


TeeWee Beauty Shop is continually introducing new brands based on customer requests and demands to meet new trends and fashions.We are constantly adding new products to our store daily, and always want to keep our customers happy. That is why we take all reviews and requests seriously to meet demands and give our customers the value they desire, for products that they can not find anywhere else.